Sound Meter+ (Ad Free) Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Sound Meter Apps for Android and iPhone App Reviews

A Low Cost External Microphone Solution HTDZ HT-81 Review Videomic by RODE - camcorder shotgun mic

Top 5 Best Running Apps

CHECK OUT RIZKNOWS DEALS ↓↓↓↓ My review of the top five best running applications for iOS and Android. In this video I discuss the various features,...

The Best App for Car Audio testing on an iPhone

In this video we try to find the best iPhone app for testing our car stereo. We try out 4 app to see what works the best. You can find the apps we tried here. Kicker U

5 Unique Ways to Use Sensors on an Android Device

Have you ever wondered about the sensors on your Android smartphone? Well, we have too and thus, in this video, we are talking about the different sensors in a phone and the 5 unique things...

Sound Meter Apps for Android Reviews || Testing Mobile Sound-Meter || Sound Decibel Meter -[Hindi]

Sound Meter app link:- Measure the environmental noise by tidy sound meter Sound level meter(or SPL) app is shows a decibel...

The NIOSH Sound Level Meter app for iOS Devices – Features & Instructions

The NIOSH Sound Level Meter (SLM) app for iOS devices can be used by safety and health professionals and industrial hygienists to assess risks, similar to how they would use a professional...

Noise Alert Android App Review -

Review of Noise Alert by - The definitive source for Android app reviews.

Smart Fitness Wristband That Actually Works!

This is my first fitness band! It is able to check my Blood Pressure, Pedometer, Calorie, Sleep Monitoring all on the 3-4 day battery life! Get it on amazon - Blood...

Top Android Apps for Sound Engineers

1.Audio Tool 2.Audalyser 3.Speedy Spectrum Analyzer 4.SPL and spectrum analyzer 5.FFT 6.Rain Soundscope 7.FrequenSee HD 8.Ivory Tower 9.White Noise Generator 10.Strasser Accordion.

FaceTime with STRANGERS ONLINE!! (Don't do this!) Monkey

So I tried an app where you FaceTime with random people from a round the world and I've never been so uncomfortable!! HAHA. Don't try this app! ·················...

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